Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Mediator

Impartiality is the fundamental requirement of a mediator; whose role consists of resolving a conflict between two parties who disagree. Their role is not to take sides but to reach a fair conclusion that both parties are happy with. Mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) involve much more than appears on the surface so we’ve put together an outline of a typical day in the life of a mediator to show what happens behind the scenes.

A Typical Day as a Mediator

For a mediator working in the home improvement and renewable energy sectors, their typical day begins early and their daily schedule will usually include the following:

  • Setting realistic expectations – if a consumer has been left disadvantaged, their first point of call is often asking for compensation. Although this might provide an instant benefit to the consumer, it is not always the most appropriate solution. A mediator needs to find out the details from both parties and dig deeper to find out what the real problem is, not just what would provide instant gratification.
  • Communicating with opposing parties – communication is key in mediation and ultimately what the service is based upon. Mediators will spend many hours per day speaking with consumers that have made a complaint and the trader they are complaining about. Often a trader might not realise the stress that they have caused one of their customers and so mediators can communicate about the complaint calmly and factually.
  • Investigation – mediators need to investigate the claims being made to ensure that they fully understand the situation the consumer and the tradesperson are in so that they can begin the mediation process courteously, professionally and above all, quickly.
  • Resolving – the purpose of mediation is to resolve conflict and agree on a resolution with both parties and therefore a mediator will spend a lot of time reaching the right resolution. This is arguably one of the most satisfying parts of the role of a mediator, as they are often able to present a resolution that will satisfy both parties and eradicate the stress and strong emotions they may have been feeling before and during the process.

A Human Approach

Much like in other job roles, incorporating a human element into your work remains an important element. Although mediation isn’t based on relationship building between the mediator and the separate parties, it does help those involved to know they are being listened to, heard and respected in a human manner. If mediators approached conflicts robotically, mediation wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

A human element in conflict helps to create a safe environment for those involved and allows them to feel at ease, knowing that their complaint will be handled fairly and with compassion. Approaches like these are what help to create a speedy and successful resolution. To find out more about the advantages of using mediation, click here to view our recent blog.

The proof is in the pudding – QASSS’s recent statistics boast a 98.4% complaint resolution rate with these being resolved in a matter of 4.4 days.

Dispute Assist Mediators

The mediation team at Dispute Assist is made up of experienced dispute resolution officers who work hard to reach a fair resolution for all parties involved. They are a reliable, friendly and positive team.

“When you work in mediation, every day brings a new and exciting challenge. I love the satisfaction I feel when I have resolved a complaint. Resolving complaints is so rewarding because you know that you have lifted the huge burden from the parties involved, allowing them to move on in life and with business.

We know that evert case we receive is resolvable, so we aim to instil our passion and positivity into the whole process and help give the consumer and business peace of mind knowing there is no stone left unturned.”

Tracy Dilworth, Dispute Resolution Officer.

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