Services Helping deliver harmonious resolutions.
Services Helping deliver harmonious resolutions.

How do we resolve disputes?

We used a range of ADR techniques, along with utilising exclusive technical experts to provide our officers with the right information to resolve your dispute.

We specialise in the construction industry, focusing on new builds, RMI (repair, maintenance, improvement), and renewable energy sectors. Our clients include national contractors, SME contractors, manufacturers, distributors, trade associations, and franchises. With a unique vantage point, we offer essential support for intricate renewable energy challenges, delivering corrective and preventative risk solutions.

We successfully use this process for a number of organisations including:

Point of Sale finance lenders

Credit cards

Home and specialist Insurers

IBG providers

National retailers

SME retailers

Manufacturers and distributors

Mediation and conciliation


Dispute Assist has 7 days from receipt of the dispute to informally resolve the dispute. This is mediation between both parties to see if a resolution can be reached between the parties on their own by challenging points of views and asking the right questions.


After 7 days, we need to make the process more formal and request evidence from both parties. With conciliation we use our experience to suggest potentially fair outcomes for both parties, in the absence of the parties not being able to reach a resolution through mediation.


trades people represented

5.6 days

average dispute resolution time

Independent inspections

Network of specialists

Where required, we have access to a vast network of independent validation specialists across the UK, who assist us in getting to the root cause of problems and establishing what the right outcome could be.

Inspection types

These inspections can vary from being virtual to a simple onsite inspection to capture a certain piece of information, to being an Expert Witness inspection, with the resulting report being compliant with Section 35 of the court procedural rules.

4 days

average lead time for inspection


types of inspection available: Virtual, Standard and Expert

Remedial works

Independent network

Should relations break down to a degree whereby both parties do not wish to see each other again, Dispute Assist can provide access to our exclusive, independent contractor network.

Industry experience

This network is very experienced in operating to insurance sector’s standards of work and will provide the remedial works required, as stated within any inspection report provided as part of the case.


annual capacity for remedial jobs

26 days

average time to complete work

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